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Book 51- $30

The Spiro Mound Hamilton, Henry W. The Missouri Archaeologist, Columbia, MO, Volume 14 (whole volume), October, 1952. Includes 152 plates showing items found, bibliography; 276 pages Third Printing Nov. 2000

Book 52- $30

Spiro Mound Copper: Memoir 11

Henry W. Hamilton; Jean Tyree Hamilton; and Eleanor F. Chapman Missouri Archaeological Society 212 pp. Published Dec. 1974

Book 53- $125

Series Contributions from the Museum of the American Indian, Heye foundation, vol.XIV; The Spiro mound collection in the Museum, by E. K. Burnett. Historical sketch of the Spiro mound, by Forrest E. Clements; New York, Museum of the American Indian, Heye foundation, 1945; 220 pages; including the 94 full page plates and descriptions.

Book 54-$30

Wyckoff,DG; Hofman,JL (Eds.) (1983): Southeastern Natives and Their Pasts, Papers Honoring Dr. Robert
E. Bell. 1st ed. (Oklahoma Archeological Survey, Studies in Oklahoma's Past No.11, Cross Timbers
Heritage Association, Contribution No.2.) Oklahoma Archeological Survey and Cross Timbers Heritage
Association,Norman, OK. 299 pages.

From the Robert E. Bell Library

Book 55-$25

Wyckoff, Don G. and Jack L. Hofman, Editors. Pathways to Plains Prehistory: Anthropological Perspectives
of Plains Natives and Their Past. Oklahoma Anthropological Society Memoir No. 3. Cross Timbers Press,
Duncan, Oklahoma. Pages 1-203.

From the Robert E. Bell Library